Adistem AdiLight-2

Adistem AdiLight-2

AdiLight-2 is available from AcCELLerated Biologics for use in activating mesenchymal stem cells and modulating cytokine release by white blood cells.

  • Activates and induces the release of growth factors and cytokines
  • Assists in the  proliferation and differentiation of living cell organisms
  • AdiStem has discovered frequencies to regulate pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine release from white blood cells from peripheral blood

Did you know?

From collaborative research Adistem has conducted they have discovered five light frequencies (three are present in AdiLight-2) which will activate stem cells, in vitro, and two frequencies which inhibit activation.

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AdiStem Ltd. has mastered through research the effects of various monochromatic light intensities and frequencies of the colored spectrum on various human and animal cell. Such studies were focused on mesenchymal stem cells and white blood cells, responsible for regeneration and the healing cascade. Low-level light photoactivation, or photomodulation, has been shown to have significant benefit in the biomechanics of tissue regeneration and the healing process.

AdiLight-2 shows to be a beneficial add-on to the commonly used platelet rich plasma procedures in orthopedic and sports medicine procedures. One of the largest clinical concerns for patients when using PRP, in musculoskeletal healing, is the exacerbation of pain in the injected area post treatment. While working with a group of Australian sports medicine specialists we have concluded - A 10-minute exposure of WBC and platelets, to AdiLight-2 prior to injection, significantly diminishes pain, as well as potentiates and accelerates healing potentials of PRP. A beneficial combinant of autologous conditioned serum (ACS) and PRP is created through a simple 10-minute scientifically proven technique.







IL1, IL2, IL6 & TNFalpha


IL1Ra & IL10