Tulip Medical Adipose

Tulip Medical Adipose

Tulip instruments perform elegantly and we do everything in our power to assure your total satisfaction. We carefully develop, design and select only the highest quality, advanced products, then stand behind those products with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Single Use Cell Friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Tulip is the #1 Fat Transfer Instrument of Choice

Did you know?

Tulip’s commitment to fat as a viable resource for regenerative therapy led to the development of the CellFriendly technology.

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As early as 1996 Tulip was pioneering the potential of properly harvested fat cells. Through ground-breaking research we funded at the University of Pittsburgh, we proved that adipose tissue indeed contains undifferentiated cells that can be differentiated into cartilage, bone and connective tissue.

Tulip has a 24-year track record developing devices for the harvesting and reinjection of fat. This dedication provides the basis for why Tulip is sought after around the world by leaders in the industry for adipose-related instruments. For doctors and researchers interested in fat, Tulip proves to be a valuable partner.

Over the years, Tulip has made its mark on the world through advancing fat transfer instrumentation in unprecedented ways. As the inventor of the patented Syringe System, the patented SuperLuerLok™ hub, and the proprietary CellFriendly™ technology, Tulip was the first company to develop fat transfer technology designed to preserve cells. Tulip has been rewarded for its focus with millions of Tulip products being used by surgeons, medical practitioners, and researchers around the world – more than any other brand. Whether it’s fresh fat used for body volumizing, microfat for facial volumizing, nanofat for superficial and scar improvement or Picofat™ for regeneration, Tulip instrumentation delivers the benefits of fat to millions.