VisionScope Arthroscopy

VisionScope Arthroscopy

VisionScope® is a minimally-invasive, arthroscopic imaging technology that allows physicians to clearly view and evaluate joint condition right in the office. The procedure takes no more than 10 minutes, real-time results are discussed and the best course-of-action can be planned and scheduled – as part of the first visit. In-office diagnosis can eliminate additional procedures, such as MRI or surgery, thereby reducing multiple medical appointments that can interfere with work, life and family. Most importantly, the healing process can be immediately set in motion.

Did you know?

The VSI procedure provides your physician with a clear, definitive view of your joint's surfaces. This is called an intra-articular view. Rather than arthroscopic surgery – which today is the only way to achieve similar diagnostic clarity – your physician can use the VisionScope system right in the exam room. The procedure can take less than 10 minutes and requires only a local numbing agent, such as Lidocaine.

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The VisionScope system provides similar information to surgical diagnostic arthroscopy – using a minimally invasive technique. The exam takes place in the office exam room and requires only a local anesthetic (Lidocaine). The system’s small needle endoscope houses a miniature camera and when it is inserted into a joint it captures real-time images and video – providing a thorough evaluation with higher quality information and improved reliability compared to static MRI images. Patients are able to get a clear diagnosis during the same office visit and the need for additional diagnostic tests or procedures and follow up visits may be eliminated.


Why VisionScope?

Disposable, sterile procedure kits are available in anatomy-specific sizes:

      • Knee
      • Shoulder
      • Elbow
      • Ankle

Endoscopes, containing high-quality optics, are available in four lengths:

      • 60mm
      • 95mm
      • 125mm
      • 160mm

High-definition, intra-articular video and still images – taken at the point of care – eclipse the quality and specificity of MRI and could eliminate the need for unnecessary surgical diagnostic procedures









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visionscope needles
Visionscope needles
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