Content & Blog Writing

Here at Accellerated Biologics we know the value of updating your website and email marketing efforts with effective and relevant content. That is why we provide a program to offer you updated content for your marketing efforts.  Our team of expert writers has knowledge on biologics, the latest trending information on subjects such as PRP, and Bone Marrow Aspiration. 

Lets Talk about Content & Blog Writing

Be the Expert Without the Effort

Often the desire to have updated content in your email marketing, social media post and website blog is a challenge for medical practices like yours because of the lack of available time. Our program allows our writers to do the all the writing for you. Allowing you to focus on spending time with your patients.


of medical professionals say they don't spend enough time marketing their practice.

How it Works

At the beginning of each month one of our project managers will contact you for a content consultation call. During these calls we will discuss:

  • Content performance from the previous period
  • Content topics for the next 30 days
  • Content placement

This keeps you in control of the content, without the responsibility of writing or posting it.

Content Strategy and Performance Reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of your content is a key component of successful marketing. That is why our team of marketing professionals will not just execute the work but will also provide you with strategy planning, helping you to focus on the areas of biologics that are critical for the growth of your practice.

We will connect all the content to be tracked by Google Analytics and performance reporting software, ensuring that you have detailed results of what content is generating responses and increasing your practice's revenue.

Where Will This Content be Posted?

Knowing that good content is only valuable if it reaches your target audience, our marketing team will work with you to do just that. Once a strategy is determined for your content, our team will take care of ensuring that it gets posted on your website, in email marketing that you may be running and/or social media profiles.

When we post your content, we will optimize for internal linking to sections of your website intent on conversion, while optimizing it to your practice's unique search engine optimization goals.

10 Hrs+

The amount of time each month medical practices need to spend producing and distributing content to market themselves.

Marketing Services of Interest:

Interested in marketing services for your medical practice?

Our marketing team will contact you with information about the services available.