Executive Series II Centrifuge


Accellerated Biologics Executive Series Centrifuge II

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Adipose Concentrate ES35-ASC

Adipose Concentrate ES35-ASC/AD70

Used in regenerative medicine procedures

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adistem adilight

Adistem AdiLight-2

From collaborative research Adistem has conducted they have discovered five light frequencies.

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Marketing Material

Start getting reviews and improving search engine ranking.

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Tulip Medical Adipose

Adipose Tulip Medical

Adipose Tulip Medical is designed to harvest and reimplant adipose cells in a more friendly manner than traditional stainless steel.

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VisionScope Arthroscopy

Minimally invasive, athroscopic imaging technology

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PurePRP GS120 Pure II

PurePRP® GS120 Pure II - 120 mL

The GS120 Pure II - Part of the EmCyte Genesis system.

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GSBMA 120 kit

Absolute BMC GSBMA30...

AbsoluteBMC provides significant concentrations of CFU-F, CD34+, and total nucleated cell counts.

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Absolute PRP GS30

AbsolutePRP GS30,GS60,GS120

AbsolutePRP is the fastest and most efficient single spin 60mL concentrating systems available.

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T:25 topical gear knee

T:25 Technology

This new technology made by topical gear is changing the way athletes and patients are cared for.

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Orthoflo Sport Amniotic Fluid Allograft in different volumes

OrthoFlo Sport Allograft

Amniotic fluid, in utero, naturally functions to protect, cushion and lubricate.

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A2M Fibrinogen FC120 Pure

A2M is a powerful inhibitor of cartilage catabolic factors and it helps stop the progression of cartilage breakdown and preventing further cartilage loss.

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PRP brochure


Accellerated Biologics offers complementary patient educational brochures.

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PurePRP AB60

PurePRP® AB60 Pure - 60 mL

The AB60 Pure - Part of the EmCyte Genesis system.

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AmnioFix Sports Medicine

AmnioFix Sports Medicine

Over 57 different growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors have been identified in AmnioFix

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MC Ran 11C EmCyte needle

McRan 11C

Marrow Cellution™ allows for easy access through soft tissue and cortical bone.

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mcran 8c needles kit

McRan 8C

Produces Autologous Cancellous Graft Material with Osteogenic Properties.

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PurePRP GS30 Pure II

PurePRP® GS30 Pure II - 30 mL

The GS30 Pure II - Part of the EmCyte Genesis system.

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Marrow Cellution by Ranfac McRan 11CSTS

McRan 11CSTS

The MC Ran 11CSTS is designed for obese patients

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Biologic Modalities to get your patients back in the game

PRP, the foundation of autologous biologics

a word from our customers

Hear what others are saying about us

We've been using Accellerated Biologics' products with tremendous success for the past few years.

We appreciate the collaborative nature and the service they provide for our patients at the Regenerative SportsCare Institute. We look forward to a long, successful collaboration with Accellerated Biologics, as we continue to help patients with orthopedic injuries heal with regenerative treatments.

Gregory E. Lutz
Gregory E. Lutz, MD
Founder of the Regenerative SportsCare Institute

Wealth of Knowledge

The team at Accellerated Biologics back their business model with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is reliable and easy to access. Whether you are new to the field or an expert seeking a consultation on the latest technolgy, you will find they truly care about enhancing your expertise in this emerging field.

Joseph J. Ruane
Joseph J. Ruane, DO.
Medical Director Spine, Sport and Joint Physicians. Head Team Physician NHL Columbus Blue Jackets

Incredible Resource

I have worked with Accellerated Biologics and Steve Whyte for over seven years. This organization has been an incredible resource for our orthobiologics, research and education programs at the Andrews Institute. I highly recommend them!

Josh Hackel
Josh Hackel, MD
The Andrews Institute, Gulf Breeze, FL

Amazing customer support

I've used Accellerated Biologics since the company opened and have found amazing customer support from Steve and everyone who works there. I also am a big believer in their products and am seeing great results in my orthobiologics practice.

Ken R. Mautner
Ken R. Mautner, MD
Emory Sports Medicine Center

an invaluable resource for my practice

Accellerated Biologics has been an invaluable resource for my regenerative medicine practice. They are on top of the latest products and research in the orthobiologics arena. Steve and his staff are always readily available to address any need I that have, form shooting to new product/process information they go above and beyond with customer service.

R. Amadeus Mason
R. Amadeus Mason, MD
Emory Orthopaedics, Sports & Spine

Consistently superior service

The Accellerated Biologics team is an invaluable asset to our company, providing excellent products and consistently superior service.

Christoper J. Rogers
Christoper J. Rogers, MD, RMSK
XCELL Sports and Regenerative Medicine, San Diego, CA

Ahead of the curve

Accellerated Biologics has always been ahead of the curve in the field of regenerative medicine. They offer the full spectrum of regenerative agents at a competitive price and offer customer service that is both better informed and more available than other dealers who I've worked with in the past.

Jake Wardwell
Jake Wardwell, DO, ABIHM, RMSK

My practice has thrived

I have worked with Accellerated Biologics for many years. The owner and staff work with utmost respect and professionalism. Steve Whyte has tremendous experience in the field of regenerative medicine and has given me important insight to the effectiveness and differences of different biologics treatments, in particular, platelet rich plasma. My regenerative medicine practice has thrived with the use of products from Accellerated Biologics. Not only does this company provide excellent service but provides knowledge and support in the field of biologic treatments.

Kristopher Goddard
Kristopher Goddard, DO

Excellent Service and Education

My partners and I at Premier Orthopaedics have been using Accelerated Biologics’ products for the past few years, with great success and patient outcomes. Bob Voelker always provides us excellent service and education. He is always quick to respond to questions and offer us the most updated research and products.

Dr. Kelly Scollon-Grieve
Dr. Kelly Scollon-Grieve, MD
Premier Orthopaedics