Review Growth

Accellerated Biologics has partnered with Broadly to provide its clients with a review solution that allows for your practice to build its reviews and customer trust. Start getting reviews and improving search engine ranking.

Lets Talk about Review Growth

Get Great Online Reviews & Enhance Your Online Reputation

Having an effective medical practice is hard, but getting great reviews is harder -- we can make it easy. Identify happy patients and encourage them to write positive reviews for your practice.


Patients say they would leave a positive review if it was easy, and if they were asked.

One-Click Reviews with Email or Text

This online review platform automates patient follow-up with a single-click process, so you can focus on running your practice. All the communications are branded to your medical practice and fully customizable to make sure your patients know it’s you.


of customers say they trust most online reviews.

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Directly Stream Your Review on Your Medical Practice Website

We can help put your online reviews directly on your website. We’ll automatically publish all of your 4 and 5-star reviews from Google and Facebook on your website.

Reviews Build Trust

Every positive experience that you provide for your patients is another opportunity to prove you’re trustworthy. The best way to build trust is with great online reviews. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could, every time a patient received a procedure or visited the office, offer them an opportunity to leave feedback or capture a 5 star review? That is where Broadly comes in. This platform allows your patients to let you know if they would recommend your services. Accellerated Biologics has partnered with Broadly to offer this services to you.


of people say they use online reviews as a way to pick there doctors.

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