Case Studies

Marrow Cellution: Autologous Bone Marrow Aspiration use in an Ankle Fusion

Successful fusions in challenging cases can be facilitated when the site is augmented with Autograft bone. Autograft bone that is harvested from the iliac crest is generally considered the "gold standard" for joint fusions but graft harvest is associated with frequent complications and pain.


Comparisons of EmCyte, Harvest and Arthrex Angel

To evaluate parameters associated with the platelet concentrates (PRP) produced by three commercially successful PRP systems.

14 May 2015

Bone marrow aspirate concentrates produced with the EmCyte

To compare bone marrow concentrates produced with two commercial systems, the EmCyte GSBMA-544E and the Harvest/Terumo BMAC2.

20 September 2018

Marrow Cellution: Autograft Bone Harvested from the Iliac Crest use in Challenging Fusion

A new device (Marrow Cellution or MC) which aspirates bone marrow from the iliac crest (and other bones with reservoirs of stem cells) provides a less invasive alternative to traditional autograft harvest.

30 October 2019

Steadman Philippon Research Tests AB60 PurePRP (leukocyte poor) and GS60 AbsolutePRP (leuckocyte rich)

Miguel Rosas, MLS(ASCP) is the Laboratory Operations Manager of ProofPoint Biologics at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO. Chief scientific officer, Dr. Johnny Huard PhD and Dr. Thos Evans MD are the driving force behind ProofPoint Biologics. Everything done at The Steadman Clinic is evidence-based and backed by science. A hematology analyzer is used to run a CBC on a whole blood sample prior to processing. After the biologic is complete, another sample is compared to the baseline to see what the final product is composed of and calculate the increase in platelet count. WBC and RBC counts are all measured in the final sample.

6 May 2016

EmCyte PurePRP, Magellan, RegenkitTHT, Eclipse

This study evaluated the PRP products from five centrifuged-based platforms: GS30- PurePRP® II and GS60-PurePRP® II, (EmCyte Corporation®), MAGELLAN, (Arteriocyte), REGENKIT®-THT (Stryker) and, ECLIPSE PRP (ECLIPSE Aesthetics) in a paired assay design with all five platforms tested with each donor.


A Review of Commercially Available PRP Point-of- Care Devices

For this review, publicly available information provided by the device corporations, PubMed, Medline, and Embase databases were searched.

July/August 2018

PRP Injections for Facial Rejuvenation

ABSTRACT Since platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains several growth factors, cell adhesion molecules, and various cytokines, it was hypothesized that it could play a role in facial rejuvenation with emphasis on fibroblast activation and type I collagen expression in human fibroblasts.