Social Media Management

Is your practice maximizing social media to build patient retention in all areas of your practice? At Accellerated Biologics we understand that social media can be a powerful tool to promote your services, educate your audience and establish yourselves as the expert in your field.

However, managing your profiles can sometimes feel like a full-time job. That is why Accellerated Biologics offers programs for complete management of your profiles.

Lets Talk about Social Media Management
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Start Connecting to Patients Wherever They Are.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube have become a growing part of everyday life for your patients.

The reality is, your business is being discussed on social media even if you are not a part of the conversation. So how are you controlling the conversation?


Medical practices are not actively a part of their own social media.

Three post examples of what your business advertisement on facebook, twitter, and linkedin would look like.

Start the Conversation

Our team of social media marketers can help you build the conversation with potential and current patients. Our team would help create original content and post links to your practice's business social media. Respond to comments by social media users and guard against inappropriate content. 


Increase in customers is the national average for businesses that use social media as part of their strategy to communicate their message.

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Reviews Build Trust

Building the loyalty of your community on social media start with the right brand message and the right look. That is why our team will create professional graphics for all your profiles. Our team will update your profiles to ensure that it is up to date.

Once we have updated your profile, we will help you promote your brand with digital advertising on social media, on platforms such as Facebook. We can target ads to individuals based on demographics and geographic location. Ensuring that the patients you want to target to grow your business are reached.

Three example charts that track social media engagement.

Start the Conversation

How great would it be if you could target your current patients with ads and content on Facebook. Well our marketing team here at Accellerated Biologics have a way that you can do just that.

Our HIPAA Compliant targeting works just by using your patients email and/or mobile phone number. Facebook will compare this information to active profiles and if matched it will create a targeted audience that our team can push targeted communication to in the form of boosted post in their Facebook timeline and targeted Facebook Ads.

There is no better way to start building conversations with your existing contacts then doing it where they are. Let us help you start the conversation.


Patients used Facebook as a way to review a medical practice before ever calling them.

Marketing Services of Interest:

Interested in marketing services for your medical practice?

Our marketing team will contact you with information about the services available.