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Years of Experience

In 1999, the founder of AcCELLerated Biologics began his career within the world of biologics. Since that time, the evolution of the industry has been exponential and we have always been in the forefront. We are focused on consulting and providing the physician, their staff, and community with quality information, resources and products related to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Pure PRP, SuperShot PRP, Pure BMC, Bone Marrow Aspirate/Adipose Tissue (Stem Cells), photomodulation, and other regenerative medicine products.​

Welcome to AcCELLerated Biologics. We are uniquely positioned within the field of biologics. We are an independent medical distribution company focused on consulting and providing the physician, their staff, and their community with quality information and products related to Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Bone Marrow Concentrate, and other products that support the use of biologics. Our customers receive our ongoing commitment to supplying them with the most up-to-date information, technologies, and equipment. We do this because we firmly believe that not all PRP is created equal.

In 2015, the Regenerative Medicine Training Institute (RMTI) was formed.  The educational component RMTI offers physicians is a chance to learn regenerative medicine modalities directly from their colleagues. RMTI has a series of on-site educational training sessions throughout the year with CME-approved didactic presentations, live patient procedures, and cadaver trainings at our facility. We could choose any PRP system to distribute. However basic engineering designs with some systems simply cannot match platelet yields. Some cannot adjust for hematocrit or leukocyte percentages as other systems can and do consistently. Some automated systems have design flaws that cause laminar flow/turbulent flow problems that prematurely activate the platelets and create an early release of growth factors. These systems inherent to their design, disrupt the buffy coat and consistently have platelet counts that don’t measure up to competing systems during testing.

In addition, many companies do not offer independent laboratory analyses of their final product. That is an important factor in why all PRP and stem cell products are not created equal even though the manufacturers make statistical claims showing equal numbers. Fortunately, AcCELLerated Biologics saw this need for a reliable and trustworthy partner for physicians that want to introduce or use biologics in their practice.

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A Team Built For Success

Discover the key figures that drive this company

Steve Whyte

Founder & CEO

Upon Graduation from Jacksonville University, Steve Whyte set his sights on a Medical Sales Career.  In the beginning of his career he sold trauma plates and screws to Neurosurgeons, Plastic/Reconstructive and Oral Surgeons, all expanding his sales skills and knowledge in the Operating room.

With that exposure Steve was able to recognize cutting edge technology and immersed himself into the Stem cell and PRP world at its inception.  Over the past 16 years Steve has been instrumental in identifying new market opportunities and medical practices that can benefit from the use of autologous biologics or PRP...

With his continual growth and expertise in the field, achieving many corporate awards and promotions along the way, Steve is a leader in the field and hopes to share his knowledge and success with practices all over the U.S.

It was that mindset and vision that led Steve to start AcCELLerated Biologics llc.  There are many "so called PRP devices" but not all PRP is created equal. Steve's business model is to provide the highest quality equipment and products that deliver a consistent and reliable autologous biologic to the clinician.  Steve's knowledge and expertise ensures that the Clinician will use the right products for their patients each and every time.

Chris Vankirk

Chief Finance Officer

Chris VanKirk was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Jacksonville University with a BS in Business Administration.  A leader in the field of business and staff relations, Chris has worked as a Staffing Supervisor at Joe Robbie/Pro Player Stadium before becoming Co-Owner/Vice President of Finance with National Parking & Transportation. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance and entrepreneurial development. His role with AcCELLerated Biologics has driven the continual trust and reliability of our customers and employees for all financial obligation and relations.

Felix Dunn


Felix Dunn joined the AcCELLerated Biologics team with 20 years experience in the Sports Marketing and Operations fields.  He has worked in many capacities with the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Washington Redskins.  During his tenure with these organizations, Felix has developed successful marketing platforms and operational procedures resulting in efficient and profitable business partnerships for all parties involved.  His role with AcCELLerated Biologics is to create, implement, and manage first class support for physicians, sales associates, and patients who need or are interested in learning about PRP and other regenerative medicine applications.   Felix has a BA degree in Journalism from Oklahoma State University and MA degree in Sports Administration from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL.  

Bob Voelker

Partner Distributor

AcCELLerated Biologics is a National Distributor of the Emcyte PRP/Stem cell concentration system and Bob Voelker has been involved since the inception of the company. He  has brought 10+ years of Biologic therapy experience to AccBio to help grow sales, marketing, training of Physicians and staff in this valuable area of healing. Bob resides in Maryland is available to physicians in most mid-Atlantic states for expert sales and service.