11G x 3.5“ (9cm) with 8G x 4“ Trephine Needle

Combine high quality bone marrow aspirate and percutaneously harvested cancellous bone autograft dowels through a  single device

Did you know?

Harvesting intact cancellous bone cores without disrupting highly vascularized and organized tissue is superior to transplanting small pieces of morselized bone.

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The Marrow Cellution™ Bone Marrow Aspiration- & Autologous Bone Harvesting System (MC Ran 11C) allows physicians to combine high quality bone marrow aspirate and percutaneously harvested cancellous bone autograft dowels through a  single device in a minimally invasive manner; therefore, the morbidity of the procedure is lessened without sacrificing the cellular quality of the graft.

The highly-organized living tissue is superior to transplanting Intact Bone Cores vs. Morselized Bone

  • Harvesting intact cancelleous bone cores without disrupting pieces of bone. Intact grafts maintain the micro-vascular network within the graft promoting bone callus formation/remodeling and do not exhibit extensive resorption.¹ ²
  • Intact bone exploits the biology of normal fracture healing rather than through slow creeping substitution associated with the slow incorporation of a non-vascularized graft.¹
  • Research demonstrates the enhanced survival of a bone graft as long as its primary blood supply is preserved. A living bone graft will shorten the time for boney union because the reconstructed bone is comparable to a bone with a double fracture. ¹ ²
  • Allogenic or synthetic bone chips hydrated with marrow can be packed around the living bone graft/core to accelerate anastomosis into the graft and minimize morbidity.¹ ²


Minimally Invasive Bone Grafts

  • Vascularized and cancellous autograft shows optimal skeletal incorporation but is limited by morbidity concerns.³
  • Using the Marrow Cellution™ Graft Delivery Syringe and the Marrow Cellution™ Bone Core Harvest Device, the clinician can create a combination graft of a vascularized intact bone core in the center of the graft surrounded by allogeneic, autologous or synthetic bone chips hydrated with cellular marrow aspirate.
  • Higher quality, less quantity, delivered appropriately minimizes host morbidity.






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