Steadman Philippon Research Tests AB60 PurePRP (leukocyte poor) and GS60 AbsolutePRP (leuckocyte rich)

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Date of Testing

30 October 2019


Miguel Rosas, MLS(ASCP) is the Laboratory Operations Manager of ProofPoint Biologics at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO. Chief scientific officer, Dr. Johnny Huard PhD and Dr. Thos Evans MD are the driving force behind ProofPoint Biologics. Everything done at The Steadman Clinic is evidence-based and backed by science. A hematology analyzer is used to run a CBC on a whole blood sample prior to processing. After the biologic is complete, another sample is compared to the baseline to see what the final product is composed of and calculate the increase in platelet count. WBC and RBC counts are all measured in the final sample.