Comparative Analysis of Marrow Cellution and the BMAC Harvest/Terumo System

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Previous published research demonstrated that Harvest SmartPrep (Terumo) Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate system (BMAC) was superior to the Biomet GPS and the Arteriocyte Magellan marrow concentration systems. This study was designed to compare the Marrow Cellution system to the Harvest SmartPrep (Terumo) BMAC system.

Research has demonstrated that the number of fibroblast-like colony forming units (CFU-f) in a graft is positively correlated with clinical outcomes. Cells capable of forming a CFU-f are found in marrow but not in blood and therefore are an indication of the number of early stage stem and progenitor cells present in a biologic. Several systems are available for harvesting autologous bone marrow aspirate and optionally centrifuging it to further concentrate cells, via volume reduction, to treat local bone defects.